Monday, March 27, 2017


The sun set on March 21, 2017. It will continue to circle and drop to just over minus 23 degrees before starting its return on June 21st for the only sunrise of the year on September 21st.

Sunset from my room. The sun elevation here is  -1 degree and the South Pole is in civil twilight. In about two weeks we will be plunged into 6 months of total dark. Let winter begin!

From the end of the world.
How cool is this - a South Pole Green Flash! Photo credit: Martin Wolf
Walked down the beer can to the underground

The door to the power plant.

It was a two day weekend and I volunteered for the 4am power watch on both days. I also did this the winter of 2013. My co-worker and I work seven days a week to support the satellite schedule.

One of three generators. There is 600,000 gallons of AN8 jet fuel on station to power three  750 KW generators. 

I enjoy working different systems.

The three main generators. They are alternated every 1,000 hours. 78% of the generator heat by-product is used for station heat that is set at 62 degrees F. The fuel is delivered by C-130's during the summer at a cost of $45 per gallon. 

South Pole Costco.

Everything is frozen. The underground is a constant -50 degrees F

The beer can door.

Looking out the beer can door under the station.

Sunset dinner.

Fireplace video.

Salad from the growth chamber green house.

My plate minus the grilled bison and duck. I decided to go vegetarian for the winter.

Excellent desert. The last of the fresh fruit until November.

A memorial table setting for the four people who have died at the South Pole.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

South Pole Galley

South Pole Station Galley

The last of our fresh fruit until November

Almost daily fresh cookies.

Powdered milk, coffee, tea, and juices.

South Pole Bar.

A giant crossword puzzle.

Looking at the beer can from the galley.

Ice cream.

The kitchen.

Dish washing area. Hobart the sanitizer.

St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Green cake.

Salads and stewed plums. We are out of fresh greens. Waiting on the growth chamber for our next green salad.

My turn in the dishpit.

In 2013 I arrived here early enough to use a snowmobile. When I arrived on last flight for this winter the snowmobiles were being winterized.

During the winter they can not be used because they will freeze to the ice when stopped.

A sundog or mock sun is an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of bright spots in various locations around the sun.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Enjoying the last few weeks of sunlight

The sun elevation is 1.14 degrees. The shadows are long.

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South Pole Radio Frequency (RF) Shed. This building contains electronic equipment for SP communications.

Power plant on the left then materials building and vehicle maintenance facility.

The beer can shining bright. This leads to the underground.

The trash sledge. 75% of trash is recycled. 

The main cargo dock with the galley on top.

I have now spent three birthdays in Antarctica - 60, 61, and this picture of my 64th.

Another picture showing the South Pole marker.

A fine flag.

A great way to end my birthday!